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High-Speed Flat Knitting Machine

1.1 GX-1-52.png


Offers high efficiency and precision in knitting. Ideal for mass production with minimized downtime.


  • High precision knitting capabilities.

  • Compatible with various yarn types.

  • Automatic tension control.

  • User-friendly interface with touchscreen controls.

  • Enhanced durability for long-term industrial use.

1. GX-1-52 - Specifications

  • Knitting width: 52 inches

  • System: Single carriage with double systems

  • Speed: Adjustable up to 1.2 meters per second

  • Stitch density: Programmable and adjustable

  • Yarn feeder: 6 yarn feeders on 3 rails

Capable of handling complex knitting patterns and designs, offering versatility for various textile applications.

  • Multi-gauge compatibility.

  • Advanced pattern capabilities.

  • High-speed operation.

  • Energy-efficient design.

  • Built-in safety features.

1. GX-2-52 - Specifications

  • Knitting width: 52 inches

  • System: Double carriage with four systems

  • Speed: Maximum 1.5 meters per second

  • Stitch control: Electromagnetic stitch control for precise pattern making

  • Yarn feeder: 8 yarn feeders on 4 rails

Multi-Functional Flat Knitting Machine


Advanced Interlock Flat Knitting Machine


Designed for specialized interlock knitting, enhancing fabric strength and aesthetic appeal.

  • Specialized for interlock knitting.

  • Dual-bed configuration for complex patterns.

  • Robust construction for heavy-duty use.

  • Precision control system.

  • Quick setup and easy maintenance.

1. GX-3-52 - Specifications

  • Knitting width: 52 inches

  • System: Triple carriage with six systems

  • Speed: Up to 1.8 meters per second

  • Fabric take-down: Integrated roller system

  • Safety features: Emergency stop and safety sensors

Specially engineered for woolen wear, ensuring robust performance and longevity in heavy-duty usage.

  • Designed for wool and heavy materials.

  • Large knitting width options.

  • High-efficiency motor for continuous operation.

  • Programmable pattern settings.

  • Superior fabric handling.

1. GX-WG72 - Specifications

  • Knitting width: 72 inches

  • Material compatibility: Wool and other heavy materials

  • System: Single carriage with triple systems

  • Operational efficiency: High-efficiency motor designed for continuous operation

  • Maintenance: Easy maintenance and durable construction

Heavy-Duty Woolen Garment Knitting Machine


Superfine Elastic Knitting Machine


Focuses on producing highly elastic garments such as sportswear, ensuring comfort and durability.

  • Ultra-fine gauge knitting.

  • Elastic yarn compatibility.

  • Automated error detection.

  • High-definition pattern reproduction.

  • Compact design for space efficiency.

1. GX-SE252 - Specifications

  • Knitting width: 52 inches

  • Specialization: Elastic and fine materials

  • System: Double carriage with double systems

  • Pattern input: Touchscreen interface with pattern memory

  • Precision: High-precision components for superior fabric quality

Incorporates automated jacquard capabilities for intricate designs and patterns with high precision.

  • Jacquard knitting specialization.

  • Automated color change system.

  • Integrated design software.

  • High-resolution knitting.

  • Reinforced frame for stability.

1. GX-1A-44 - Specifications

  • Knitting width: 44 inches

  • Jacquard capability: Advanced color and pattern jacquard mechanisms

  • System: Automated single carriage system

  • Design integration: Compatible with design software for pattern creation

  • Usability: User-friendly controls and setup

Automated Jacquard Flat Knitting Machine


Dual-System Technical Knitting Machine


Dual knitting systems that increase output and offer the capability to handle more complex knitting tasks simultaneously.

  • Dual knitting systems for increased output.

  • Independent carriage control.

  • Seamless transition between patterns.

  • High durability components.

  • Easy-to-use control panel.

1. GX-DT18 - Specifications

  • Knitting width: 18 inches

  • System: Dual technology with two independent carriages

  • Speed settings: Multiple speed settings for different fabric types

  • Durability: Built to withstand high-volume production environments

  • Connectivity: Equipped with USB and network connectivity for design transfer

Provides a seamless knitting experience with integrated software control for direct pattern manipulation and efficiency.

  • Direct linking capability with other machinery.

  • High-speed linking performance.

  • Precision fabric cutting.

  • Automated loop formation.

  • Versatile application range.

1. GX-DL - Specifications

  • Knitting width: Variable, depending on model

  • Linking capability: Direct linking with other textile machinery

  • Speed: High-speed operation for efficient production

  • System control: Fully automated system control for minimal manual intervention

  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of fabric types and knitting styles

Direct Link Knitting Machine


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